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Fall 2023

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday: Student Center Hours

11 a.m. – 3 p.m. CSBS Student Center (Lindquist Hall 209)
Stop by the CSBS Student Center to meet with student mentors, study, make new friends, play games and eat snacks! Can't make it in person? Join us via Zoom.

November 29: World on the Move Series - Foreign Policy, Refugees and Immigration

7 p.m. Weber County Library - Pleasant Valley Branch
Dr. Janicke Stramer-Smith and Dr. Stephanie Wolfe (WSU political science professors) and Dr. Jennifer Gnagey (WSU economics professor) will present on the history of refugee policy and an international snapshot of the world today; followed by a discussion on how US  foreign policy and US engagement in the world has an effect on the rising number of refugees, and concluding with how this impacts Ogden and our local refugee community today.

November 30: World on the Move Series - Out of Africa: Early Modern Human Migration

7 p.m. Lindquist Hall 280
Dr. Joanna Gautney (WSU anthropology professor) will present "Out of Africa: Early Modern Human Migration." People have been migrating since the beginning of human history. Though humans live and thrive in nearly every part of the globe today, we can trace our origins to the grasslands of Africa.  How and when did we begin to venture out of Africa?  What happened when humans met other species such as Homo erectus and the Neandertals? How did we adapt to such dramatically different environments?  While migration patterns and processes may change, movement is a fundamental part of what it means to be human.

December 6: Queering Methods 2nd Annual Mini Conference

5:30 p.m. Lindquist Hall 106
Join us for the Queer Methods 2nd Annual Mini Conference where students will present their research proposals. Refreshments will be served.

December 6: World on the Move Series - Climate Change and Human Migration

7 p.m. Weber County Library - Pleasant Valley Branch
Dr. Daniel Bedford (WSU geography professor) and Dr. Mark Stevenson (WSU anthropology professor) will present "Climate Change and Human Migration." Climate change is already with us. It's real, serious, and caused by humans, and it is already in the process of shifting the map of places on Earth that are climatically tolerable for people to live in. Human migration on an epic scale could be the result.

December 11: Forensic Science Seminar Series - Forensic Nursing

1:30 p.m. Haven J. Barlow Lecture Hall (Lindquist Hall 101)
Join the Utah Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) Task Force and the WSU School of Nursing for a presentation on forensic nursing.