Fall 2018 e-Bulletin

Let us celebrate the accomplishments of the College of Social & Behavioral Science's faculty, staff and students.

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Asterisks (*) indicate WSU students.

Fall 2018 e-Bulletin

Publications and Presentations

  • Molly Sween and Monica Williams (Criminal Justice) presented “The Impact on Training Officers Using a Critical Decision-Making Model of Scenario-Based Training Outcomes,” in October, 2018, at The Western Association of Criminal Justice.
  • Brandon Little (History), member of the Utah World War I Commission, delivered a  speech highlighting several connections between the World War I and WSU specifically, at the State Capitol Rotunda. His talk followed Governor Herbert’s speech commemorating Veterans Day and the 100th anniversary of the armistice that concluded World War I, on Nov. 8, 2018.
  • Brandon Little (History) spoke about Weber County’s World War I experience at the Ogden City Cemetery Doughboy Statue Rededication Ceremony on Nov. 10, 2018.
  • Matt Romaniello (History) presented “Syphilis and Secrecy: Treating Venereal Disease in Eighteenth-Century Russia,” at the inaugural CSBS Brown Bag event on Nov. 6, 2018.
  • Sara Dant (History) appeared on the Mountain Prairie Podcast. She discussed her book Losing Eden: Environmental History of American West. Her book was chosen for the November/December Mountain and Prairie Book Club Selection on Nov. 2, 2018. http://mountainandprairie.com/sara-dant/
  • Sara Dant (History) gave an address, “Frank Church and the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act at 50,” at a joint meeting of the Idaho Environmental Forum and the Idaho State Bar, Environmental and Natural Resources Section. The event was held on Nov. 9, 2018. http://mountainandprairie.com/losing-eden/
  • Sara Dant (History) appeared on Wild Idaho Podcast to discuss her book Losing Eden: Environmental History of American West on Nov. 9, 2018.
  • Sara Dant (History) was featured in the Idaho Conservation League Blog in an article titled “Sara Dant Takes Us to Church,” on Nov. 12, 2018. https://www.idahoconservation.org/blog/sara-dant-takes-us-to-church/
  • Brady Brower (History) presented a paper on “Le physique et le moral: Vitalism and Physical Research in Late Nineteenth-Century France,” at the Society of Literature, Science and the Arts Conference in Toronto on Nov. 16, 2018.
  • Valerie Williams (Philosophy) presented “Mothers Matter: The Importance of Family to Lockean Civic Society,” at the Intermountain Philosophy Conference on Nov. 16, 2018.
  • Valerie Williams (Philosophy) presented “Inclusivity in Teaching Philosophy,” as a guest lecture for Boston University’s Minorities and Philosophy Chapter on Oct. 30, 2018.
  • Richard Price (Political Science) along with Thomas M. Keck, Brandon T. Metroka and Richard S. Price co-authored the article “The Judicial Protection of Anti-Judicial Speech,” American University International Law Review 33(4): 693-769, 2018.
  • Janicke Stramer-Smith (Political Science & Philosophy) presented “The Shifting Tide: The Failure of Turkish Labor Mobilization,” at the International Studies Association-West Annual Conference on Sept. 22, 2018.
  • Eric G. Swedin (History) presented on “How Fiction and Nonfiction Benefit Each Other,” at the Davis Writing Conference on Oct. 27, 2018.
  • Eric G. Swedin (History) was a panelist at the “New Approaches to Utah Studies: Lightning Round,” at the Annual Utah History Conference on Sept. 28, 2018.
  • Eric G. Swedin (History) organized and moderated a panel to discuss “Why Science Works,” for FanX in Salt Lake City, UT., on Sept. 28, 2018.
  • Mark Stevenson (Sociology & Anthropology) presented the paper “Material Traditions: Artisanal Circuits of Value,” at the 117th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association in San Jose, CA., on Nov. 14-18, 2018.
  • R.C. Morris (Sociology & Anthropology) published “Self-Control as Criminogenic Need: A Longitudinal Test of Social Intervention to Improve Self-Control” (in press, 2018) Criminology, Criminal Justice, Law & Society.
  • R.C. Morris (Sociology & Anthropology) along with Rob Butters presented “Restorative Justice Risk, Need, Responsivity: An Evidenced-based Treatment Approach to the Recidivism Crisis.” Society for the Study of Social Problems Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA., on Aug. 10-12, 2018.
  • R.C. Morris (Sociology & Anthropology) along with Ryan J. LeCount, presented “Race & Policing: the blue line of justice,” at The Western Society of Criminology Annual Meeting, in Long Beach, CA on Feb. 1-3, 2018 and the Midwest Sociological Association Annual Meeting, in Minneapolis, MN., on March 22-25, 2018.
  • Marjukka Ollilainen (Sociology & Anthropology) along with Kris De Welde and Catherine R. Solomon presented “Feminist Solidarity and Leadership in the Academy: Exploring Everyday Practices,” at the Gender, Work & Organization biannual meeting located in Sydney Australia, on June 16, 2018.
  • Greg Lewis (History) presented “Education, Management and Personalities in the China Committee for the Promotion of International Trade, 1952-1966,” at Fudan University’s May 2018 conference.
  • Greg Lewis (History) published a review of “Wyoming Samurai: The World War II Warriors of Heart Mountain” in Pacific Southwest Quarterly (pages 102-103) in spring and summer of 2017. He will serve on the Association for Asian Studies’ Council of Conferences for the next three years.
  • Alice Mulder & Dan Bedford (Geography) presented a paper on “Climate Conversations: Engaging the Community in Discussions of Climate Change,” at the American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting in New Orleans on April 14, 2018.
  • Julie Rich (Geography) presented “Global Community Engaged Learning: Building a Better Tomorrow,” at the American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting in New Orleans, April 2018.
  • Julie Rich (Geography) participated on the panel “Promoting Geography through Cross-Disciplinary and Cross-Institutional Partnerships,” at the American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA., April, 2018.
  • Todd M. Hillhouse (Psychology) along with students C.J. Lynch*, M.L. Peterson*, C. Marston* and M.J. Nicholaou* presented on “Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) Users Report High Levels of Nicotine Cravings During Smoking and Withdrawal Periods, But Low Nicotine Dependence and Withdrawal Rates at the Biology, Behavior and Chemistry,” (BBC) in San Antonio TX, March 3-4, 2018.
  • Todd M. Hillhouse (Psychology) along with M.L. Peterson*, C.J. Lynch*, Z. Blackwood*, N. Gelfman, J. Blumenstein*, C. Marston*, S. Lawson*, D. Clark*, R. Hanson, D. Aguilar, M.J. Nicholaou presented on “Prevalence, dosing-regimens, and withdrawal effects of Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) and Electronic-cigarettes” (E-cigs) at Society for Neuroscience, 46th Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., November, 2018.
  • Todd M. Hillhouse (Psychology), C.J. Lynch*, M.L. Peterson* presented on “Perceptions and Poly-Drug Use: Comparison of Electronic Nicotine Device Systems (ENDS)/Electronic Cigarettes (E-cigs) and Traditional Cigarettes,” at Society for Neuroscience, 46th Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., November, 2018.
  • Todd M. Hillhouse (Psychology), C.R. Merritt, D.A. Smith, M. Cajina, C. Sanchez, J.H. Porter, A.L. Pehrson published “Vortioxetine differentially modulates MK-801-induced changes in visual signal detection task performance and locomotor activity,” Front. Pharmacol. 9: 1-12. doi.org/10.3389/fphar.2018.01024, 2018.
  • Todd M. Hillhouse (Psychology), T.J. Donahue, K.A. Webster, R. Young, E.O. De Oliveira and J.H. Porter published “Discriminative stimulus properties of the atypical antipsychotic amisulpride: comparison to its isomers and to other benzamide derivatives, antipsychotic, antidepressant, and antianxiety drugs in C57BL/6 mice.” Psychopharmacology (Berl). 234(23-24): 3507-3520. doi: 10.1007/s00213-017-4738-y, 2017.
  • Todd M. Hillhouse (Psychology) presented on “Electronic Nicotine Delivery system (ENDs) users report high levels of nicotine cravings during smoking and withdrawal periods, but low nicotine dependence and withdrawal rates.” Principle Investigator: Cayla Lynch* (Psychology Major/Neuroscience Minor), 2018.
  • Aaron Ashley (Psychology) presented “Marketing the Psychology major,” at the Association of Heads of Department of Psychology Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA., on Nov. 2, 2018.
  • Sarah Herrmann (Psychology) presented “Using psychology to understand and reduce the social class achievement gap,” at the Society for Teaching of Psychology Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ., on Oct. 19-20, 2018.
  • Sarah Herrmann (Psychology), along with R. Covarrubias, G. Laiduc, I. Valle and T. Lockett presented “Reflecting first-generation student voices in our teaching and interactions” at the inaugural First Generation Southwest Symposium in Flagstaff, AZ., on Sept. 13, 2018.
  • Sarah Herrmann (Psychology) presented “A role model intervention improves women’s STEM performance and persistence” at the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Conference in Pittsburgh, PA., on June 29-July 1, 2018.
  • Gary Johnson (Political Science & Philosophy) was featured on the podcast “Voice of Reason.” He and James Curry (University of Utah) discussed legal proceedings involving former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and former Trump attorney and “fixer” Michael Cohen on Aug. 29, 2018.
  • Carson Clack* (Psychology Major/Neuroscience Minor) received a long term student grant funded by WSU Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) for his research project entitled “Evaluating the reinforcing properties of Vapes (Electronic nicotine delivery systems) using human drug discrimination.” Mentor/ Todd M. Hillhouse (Psychology/Neuroscience) Spring 2018.
  • Sarah Honeycutt* (Psychology Major/Neuroscience Minor) received a long term student grant funded by WSU Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) for his research project entitled “Evaluating a glycerine site partial agonist as a novel and rapid acting antidepressant.” Mentor/ Todd M. Hillhouse (Psychology/Neuroscience) Spring 2018.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Sarah Hermann (Psychology) was an External Evaluator for “Strengthening Commercial-Emphasis Foreign Language Programs at Weber State University,” (PI: Craig Bergeson), funded by the Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program. She will actively participate in the years 2018-2020.
  • Belinda McElheny (Sociology & Anthropology) has been selected to receive the Outstanding Non-Exempt Staff Award for 2018. Belinda has provided many years of extraordinary service to students, faculty and staff of Weber State, as well as the community.
  • Julie Rich (Geography) received the Spring, 2018 Hemingway Faculty Collaborative Award of $7,230.00 to support her global community engaged learning program in eastern Uganda.

Special Projects and Travel 

  • Gabriel Lisonbee,* Austin Duncan,* Mallory Morris,* Alex Nielson,* and Joseph Brownlow* (Philosophy) placed second in this years Wasatch Regional Ethics Bowl. Consequently they have been invited to compete in the national championship in Baltimore, MD., March, 2019.
  • Todd M. Hillhouse (Psychology) is the principal investigator in the study “E-cigarette Self-Administration Chamber for Mice to Evaluate Rewarding Properties of E-cigarettes,” Dee Family Technology Grant (Weber State University) Spring, 2018.
  • Todd M. Hillhouse (Psychology) was given the Office of Undergraduate Research Travel Grant to attend the Behavior Biology and Chemistry: Translational Research in Addiction, Spring, 2018.
  • Julie Rich (Geography) with Mike Moon (CCEL) and Jeremy Farner (DET) traveled with 36 students June, 2018 to build a kitchen/food storage facility for a village school in eastern Uganda. While in country, the WSU group also constructed a home for a widow and her children, dedicated two water wells, installed sod and water fountains for a playground. The students also developed and taught English language lessons to first and second graders at the village school.
  • Ilona Adams* (Geography) received a long term student grant funded by WSU office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) for her research project entitled “Traditional Diets, Geography, and Climate Change: The Okinawa Diet." Mentor/Julie Rich (Geography) Spring, 2018. 

In Memoriam

Dr. Donald R. Carpenter (Social Work) passed away on November 9, 2018. He graduated from Weber State in Sociology, with a minor in Anthropology. He returned to Weber to teach in the Social Work and Gerontology Department, where he stayed until he retired after 32 years of service.