Fall 2015 Newsletter

Featured Stories

Staff Spotlight

An Unfailing Source of Help

Beloved administrative specialist retires after 37 years

Alumni Spotlight

Learning to Make a Difference

Alumnus creates educational endowment for WSU in his parents' name

Faculty Spotlight

Sustainability Begins in the Classroom

Award-winning faculty member inspires student to make sustainable changes

Student Spotlight 

Rwanda: A Life-Changing Experience 

Student's visit to Rwanda inspires him to continue humanitarian efforts after graduation 

Additional Stories

Upcoming Events

  • October 15-17: Mort Künstler Exhibition 
  • October 18: Women's Soccer against Montana State
  • October 19: "Water in Utah": The Weber Historical Society welcomes Hal Crimmel and Issac Goeckeritz for a screening of their short films 
  • October 24: Arizona Alumni Chapter Event: WSU Football at Northern Arizona University 
  • October 29: The Richard Richards Institute for Ethics: Ethical Leadership Award Breakfast
  • November 6: Wildcat Club's Cat Bash Dinner and Auction 

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