Recognizing Victims

Criminal justice professor hopes to shed light on victimization

Bradford Reyns, assistant criminal justice professor, wants victims of crime to be recognized in the research within his field. “Many scholars are focused on the causes of crime and the intricacies of the criminal justice system,” Reyns said. “I think that as much attention should be placed on those who are harmed by crime to ensure that they are able to recover from their experience.” Through his research, Reyns hopes to bring aspects of criminal victimization, specifically stalking, to the forefront.

Reyns has been involved in several research projects focused on criminal victimization. He co-authored a victimology textbook called “Introduction to Victimology: Contemporary Theory, Research, and Practice” and was recently appointed as an editor for “Journal of School Violence.” Aside from criminal justice, Reyns also teaches research methods and victimology.

A standout project for Reyns is his research involving cyberstalking victimization among college students. “It’s a crime we know so little about but affects so many,” he said. Through the support of the criminal justice department chair, David Lynch, and the dean of the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Francis Harrold, Reyns has been able to participate in victimological research, which created the opportunity for him to accept the editorship for “Journal of School Violence.”

In his four years of teaching at Weber State, Reyns has been able to develop new classes and try new methods in the classroom. He accredits this freedom to Weber State’s prioritization of teaching. His greatest influences at Weber State have been those who pushed his intellectual and creative boundaries.

However, one of the most valuable lessons Reyns has learned during his time at Weber State has little to do with criminal justice. Instead, he’s learned how to budget his time. “It takes a lot of planning to juggle teaching, research and service obligations,” he said. “In fact, my wife bought me a ‘how to juggle’ kit for my birthday.”