Primary Investigators and Student Researchers: Instructions

It is critical that these policies are followed as they protect the ethical rights of the participant. Any violation of these policies may lead to permanent restrictions on your use of the panel. It is the responsibility of the Primary Investigator (faculty, not student) to assure that these policies and procedures are followed.  

To get started, please refer to the following guidelines and the Activation Process listed below:

  1. Sona Student Researcher accounts need to requested by the instructor for their students. Please refer to the Requesting Sona Student Researcher Accounts documentation. Only faculty members may request Student Researcher accounts. Faculty members should have the Principle Investigator and Researcher roles activated for their faculty Sona Systems account. If the roles have not been activated or you have additional questions, contact the Lab Manager.
  2. Once accounts have been created, please refer to the Faculty Principle Investigators/Student Researchers Documentation to get started. The documentation provides detailed instructions on how to use your Sona Systems account, including how to create research studies. For how-to instructions specific to study type, see Activation Process below. Additionally, you may view the YouTube Researcher Tutorial.

Software Access:
Qualtrics Login Page - Use your eWeber login (Also accessible through your eWeber Portal). 
Sona Systems Login Page

Activation Process:

  1. Determine the study type
  2. Determine the amount of research credits for your study.
  3. Create your study in Sona Systems. NOTE: if your study is an external online study, you will use both Qualtrics and Sona Systems. 
  4. Submit a Sona Systems Study Approval Request.