Departmental Honors

To Earn Departmental Honors:

  • Maintain a psychological science GPA of 3.7 and an overall GPA of 3.5
  • Complete one of the following High Impact Education Experience (HIEE) pathways. Pathways 1-3 require signed contracts with a faculty mentor(s). Pathway 4 requires minimum grades on your official transcript.
    1. Thesis: 6 credit hours of PSY 4910 (Senior Thesis)
    2. Research: 6 credit hours PSY 4800 (Projects and Research)
    3. Individualized Instruction: 6 credit hours in any combination of PSY 4830 (Directed Readings), PSY 4800 (Projects and Research), and PSY 4860 (Practicum)
    4. Service: 6 credit hours of PSY CEL (community engaged learning) coursework with a grade of at least A-.
  • Present a summary of and reflection on your HIEE pathway experience at the Department Graduation Celebration (December/April). This presentation requirement also may be met by a presentation (oral/poster) at a professional meeting (e.g., Undergraduate Research Symposium, UCUR, RMPA).

Students who earn departmental honors are recognized with special designations on their transcript and degree diploma, and invitations to all Honors events.

Enrolling in Departmental Honors
Students must apply to departmental honors at least two semesters before graduating. The department advisor reviews applications and meets with applicants to ensure they understand the requirements and to finalize applications.

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