The Honors Program at Weber State University

Weber State University’s Honors Program offers you small, challenging and creative courses, as well as opportunities for leadership and social interaction. An “Honors” designation on your transcript and diploma makes you more attractive to employers, graduate schools and professional programs.


One Program, Many Paths


Right now, I am a Freshman just finishing up my first semester of college. I haven’t quite decided on a major yet, but I am passionate about people and the issues our society faces today. I want to get involved in confronting those issues head on. I have loved the time I have spent in the Honors Program thus far. Through Honors, I have been able to think on a whole new and deeper level about literature that has touched my soul and scientific texts that have made me question humanity. My professors have fostered my intellectual growth and they care about me as a person. They have been kind and understanding as I have missed class for the sport I play, and they have been sympathetic as I have gone through the process of dealing with a serious injury. Although I was skeptical at first, I would now advise everybody to get involved in the Honors program. I believe that with the help of Honors students can discover new facets of knowledge that will help them realize things about themselves and the world that they never knew before. - Madalin Rooker

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