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Weber State University Honors Program


The Honors Center is open virtually!
While the Honors Center is closed, you can still drop-in to the Virtual Honors Center between 11 am - 12 pm, Monday - Friday.

The Virtual Honors Center will be closed between December 21 - January 1.

The purpose of the Virtual Honors Center is to create a space online for Honors and Aletheia students to hang out, chat, catch-up, ask questions, and in general, have a community online to replicate the physical space of the Honors Center in the library. 

Virtual Honors Center

Please note that just like in the Honors Center under normal circumstances, Honors staff may not be available at all times.
If you wish to meet individually via Zoom with the Honors advisor, Megan Moulding, set-up an appointment here:
You can also contact her directly via email ( or phone (between 8:30 am - 3 pm) at 801-626-7591.

Stay connected and up-to-date with other WSU resources here:


Honors Program Class Spotlight



Weber State University’s Honors Program offers you small, challenging and creative courses, as well as opportunities for leadership and social interaction.
An “Honors” designation on your transcript and diploma makes you more attractive to employers, graduate schools and professional programs.

Mission Statement

The mission of the WSU Honors Program is to provide a welcoming community for intellectually curious, academically adventurous students, faculty and staff.

  • We nurture excellence in this community, regardless of prior academic preparation.
  • We build this community by offering small, creative, rigorous classes; leadership opportunities; and other innovative learning experiences. 
  • We open this community to the university as a whole by organizing events that catalyze far-reaching conversations about significant issues relevant to contemporary society.

Declaración de la Misión

La misión del Programa de Honores de WSU es proporcionar una comunidad acogedora para alumnos que poseen curiosidad intelectual y que sean académicamente aventureros.

  • En esta comunidad fomentamos la excelencia, independientemente de la preparación académica previa.
  • Desarrollamos esta comunidad al proveer clases pequeñas, creativas y rigorosas; oportunidades de liderazgo y otras experiencias de aprendizaje innovadoras.
  • Abrimos esta comunidad a la universidad en su conjunto, mediante la organización de eventos que catalizan conversaciones de gran alcance con respecto a asuantos importantes de interés a la sociedad contemporánea. 

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Practice clear and compelling written and/or creative expression;
  • Engage in critical thinking that is open-minded, objective, and as free as possible from prejudice and presupposition;
  • Undertake the comprehension of abstract arguments and the ability to move between the general and the particular;
  • Encounter a variety of human experience, exploring both its universality and its diversity.