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Weber State University Honors Program

Honors courses are not harder, just better! We hear this over and over from students. Professors who teach in the Honors Program are selected from across every corner of campus. We ask them to design the most exciting, transformational courses they can imagine, courses that enrich and engage.
Honors classes are known for their quality. They are small and discussion-based. In these classes, students join with faculty and peers to discuss big ideas and serious issues. There is no busy work! Instead, interdisciplinary learning reveals the world in its full complexity. To put it simply: we offer the best classes on campus, by the best professors, and our classes are filled with curious and motivated students, like you! 
Outside of the classroom, the Honors Center is a place to relax and recharge. There is free food and drinks available when you need a snack. You can print for free, and we even have a Zen room. Our amazing staff will answer any questions you have about courses, graduation requirements, scholarships, and travel opportunities. 
We don’t make restrictions on who can join Honors. If you want to learn, you belong with us. If you haven’t done well in school before, you still belong with us. If you are looking for a more meaningful college experience, the Honors Program is made for you.

What is Honors?


Honors Classes

Honors classes are:

  • Small, capped at 15 students per class
  • Interesting, with off-the-beaten-path topics
  • Cross-disciplinary, often co-taught
  • Many courses fulfill Gen-Ed requirements

Accessible & Inclusive

There is no GPA to join. There are no fees, dues, or pre-requisites. If you want to join Honors, you can! Check the different types of Honors to find out more. 


Funding Opportunities
We have funding opportunities to assist with:

  • Textbooks
  • School-related travel
  • Tuition & fees
  • Need-based funding

Check out the funding opportunities page for more information.

Leadership Opportunities

If you are interested in getting more involved with leadership and Honors, consider applying for the Honors Student Advisory Board (HSAB), where students get to help shape the program and plan events.

Check out more information here. 





Current & Relevant 
The environment, social justice, public health and the economy are four major challenges we all face. The Honors Program brings these issues into focus, facilitating debate, research and problem solving to work towards sustainable futures.


Honors Center

Located in the Stewart Library, room 324, the Honors Center provides:

  • Study spaces/Chill spaces
  • Free printing
  • Free snacks, treats, and drinks
  • Place to meet new people and make friends

Hear from our Students!

“The Weber State Honors Program has been a great experience! I have met some of the greatest and most knowledgeable people in the program, while also learning different and interesting topics. The classes are some of my favorites that I have taken due to the nature of discussion-based classes with both peers and professors alike. Every class, I felt I had a voice and was truly heard, which can be difficult in these unprecedented times. It also gave me resources that helped benefit me in other courses in and out of my major, while also helping me set and achieve goals I otherwise would not have strived for. I wish more classes had the depth, structure, and camaraderie that Honors Program and classes provide."

Colton Layton

University, & Departmental Honors in Geography, Environment & Sustainability

"When I became a Wildcat, I was trying to find a student organization where I could get support and feel that I belong there. Very soon I found the Honors Program. I am an ESL student and small, open minded and very interesting honors classes worked perfectly for me. Professors in honors classes always had time to answer my questions, or rephrase something when I didn't understand. I received travel and book scholarships there, which helped me a lot with my study abroad trips. The Honors Center is also a great lounge space for students. You can do your homework there, have a hot drink or even food. They regularly have burritos, pizzas, donuts and local baked pastries, which helps students on a budget a lot. "Food for thought" lectures are open minded and very interesting which makes The Honors Program a great place for personal growth and learning something new. Honors classes are for anyone, they are very interesting, unique, have unexpected topics and they different from semester to semester. If you need gen-ed classes, take them from Honors and you will never regret it. I am very grateful to WSU for having an Honors Program where I received so much support, encouragement, learned a lot of new interesting things and felt that I belong there."

Maria Volkanova
Foundation, University, & Departmental Honors in History

"My favorite part of the Honors Program is how interdisciplinary it is. I think as students we tend to get caught up in our own colleges and programs, but it is a lot of fun to interact with people who are studying different things. The Honors Center is a great place to hang out between classes, work on homework, and socialize. For the same reason, Honors also has some of the best classes and most thought provoking events I have been involved in. I love how our Honors Program is very different from other schools'. It's not all academic, though, and there are a lot of fun events as well. It's really a great way to meet people and get involved and I would absolutely recommend everyone join!"

Kaydee Davis

Foundation, University, & Departmental Honors in Medical Laboratory Sciences

“I started getting more involved with the Honors Program when I was in my sophomore year of college, and also in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite having a rather rough freshman year and the fact that most of my classes were virtual, it was also when I finally felt that I was carving out a home for myself at Weber State - largely thanks to the Honors Program. The world was a bit of a mess, as was my mental health, but every Tuesday and Thursday I woke up excited, knowing that I had my HNRS 1110: The Construction of Knowledge class to attend.

That class was so different than any I had been in before, in college or prior to it. It was small (all honors courses are capped at 15 students) so even though I only ever saw my peers and professors through a screen that year, I felt that I got to know each of them and formed real, meaningful connections. The discussions were thought-provoking and incredibly engaging; I wasn't just being taught by two instructors, I was learning with them and my classmates. To this day, I think back often on thoughts and ideas from that class and see how they apply to other courses and my life in general. If I had to describe that class and the Honors Program as a whole in one word, it would be "impactful". 

Since taking that Honors course, I've gotten much more involved with the program. Thankfully, the worst of the pandemic seems to have passed, and I'm able to spend a lot of my time in the Honors Center. It's my favorite place to study, meet new friends, and grab a snack. Honors events like our picnic and monthly Food For Thoughts are always interesting and fun. My honors classes continue to be just as intriguing and influential as the one I took in the Fall of 2020. I look forward to seeing what new classes will be taught each semester, the topics of which are so unique and often unexpected. The program brings together students of all majors and disciplines.

To put it simply, the Honors Program has become much more than an extracurricular to me - it's become a home within a home at Weber State. It has influenced me as a student and as a person in ways that I could never have imagined or even hoped for. There is much more to it than I can put into words, but I can say I am so grateful for the program and the people I have met within it every day."

Bailey O'Leary

Foundation, University, & Departmental Honors in English

“For students seeking a high impact experience, the University Honors Program at Weber State combines an intimate classroom environment with the stimulating perspectives of dedicated students and professors from a variety of academic disciplines. If challenging coursework, small classes, and intellectual discourse appeals to you, well, welcome home."

William Ward

Foundation, University, & Departmental Honors in History