Honors Requirements

Types of Honors

Students may pursue one, two, or all three types of Honors. 


10 credits total

  • 3 credits:
    HNRS 1110: Construction of Knowledge
  • 3 credits:
    HNRS 2120/2130/2110: The Meaning of Life
  • 1 credit:
    HNRS 2830/2900/2920: Discussion Group
  • 6 credits:
    Any HNRS courses of your choice


Complete Foundation Honors + 5 additional credits for a total of 15 credits

  • Complete Foundation Honors
  • 3 credits of HNRS courses of your choice
                           and another
  • 1 credit:
    HNRS 2830/2900/2920: Discussion Group
  • 1 credit:
    HNRS 4990: Trajectories Portfolio


This option is available to students majoring in areas with designated Departmental Honors contracts. Every department has different requirements.

Visit Departmental Honors Contracts & Departmental Honors Advisors to view requirements and advisors.


How to Enroll in the Honors Program

  1. Visit the Honors Student app in the eWeber portal and select the type of Honors you would like to pursue. Review requirements and click enroll. 
  2. Your advisor will be notified via email that you applied, but we encourage you to meet with them regularly to review your progress.
  3. You will be notified once you are enrolled. Make sure to visit the Honors Center in Stewart Library, room 324 to pick up your honors sticker!
  4. You can view your honors requirements at any time by visiting your Honors Contract.

Not Sure Which Type Of Honors Is Right For You?

A good rule of thumb is:

  • 1-2 semesters left: Consider Departmental Honors
  • 3-4 semesters left: Consider Foundation and/or Departmental Honors
  • 4-8 semesters left: Consider Foundation, Departmental, and/or University Honors