Eccles Fellowship

The Honors Eccles Fellows Program encourages faculty to develop their teaching and scholarly interests through teaching in the Honors Program. An Eccles Fellow develops and teaches a new class on a topic related to their scholarly interests. 

Applications are due by 4 pm on November 1, 2024 

Eccles Fellowship

Application Process:

1. Complete the proposal form
2. Email completed form to

Application Information:

  • You may teach either individually or with one other colleague;
  • Strong preference will be given to interdisciplinary classes with a subject connection to faculty research interests;
  • Weight will be given to classes that contribute to both the Honors Program and to the larger Weber community;
  • A single proposal should be submitted for team-taught classes;
  • Please see the rubric for the selection criteria.  

Please note:

  • The class should be a new preparation;
  • Eccles Fellows are encouraged to use their HNRS 3900 class as material for presentations and publications;
  • Department Chair(s) must agree to release the Eccles Fellow for both teaching and release time;
  • Eccles Fellows must take release time the same semester they teach the course;
  • Eccles Fellows may not teach overload in the semester they take release time
  • Eccles Fellows are urged to participate in Honors events;

Eccles Fellows are selected by a committee of former Fellows, the Honors Faculty Advisory Board, and the Honors Director. A Fall Fellowship and a Spring Fellowship will be awarded.


Contact Christy Call, Honors Director, at

Sample Applications

Diagnosing Diseases: Perspectives from the Past and Present

Monsters and Markets

Past Recipients