Creative Writing Option

As a Master of Arts in English student, you must complete the major’s core requirements and 1 of our 4 options to earn your degree.

Along with a Creative Writing Option, we offer:

Core Requirements for the 2022-23 Catalog

Core Research Methods

MENG 6010 Introduction to Graduate Studies (3)

Core Literary Studies

Select one (1) course from the following:
(Note: These courses may be repeated for credit with different content). 

MENG 6240 - Seminar in American Literature (3)
MENG 6250 - Seminar in British Literature (3)
MENG 6260 - Seminar in World Literature (3)
MENG 6510 - Seminar in Eminent Writers (3)

Creative Writing Emphasis Requirements

Forms and Crafts

MENG 6730 Creative Writing Forms and Crafts (3 credits)

Creative Writing Workshops:

Must take at least two (2) workshops (6 credits) from the following courses:
MENG 6740 Nonfiction Writing (3)
MENG 6750 Fiction Writing  (3)
MENG 6760 Poetry Writing (3)


MENG 6950 Creative Writing Thesis: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry (1-6)


Elective courses may be taken to fulfill the minimum 33 credit hours required to graduate.