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Note: Faculty reserve the right to modify these syllabi. Please use them as examples of what you'll be reading/covering. For the official list of texts, check the WSU Bookstore site. You must petition the program director for permission in order to take more than 9 credit hours in any semester. 

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General information

If you are interested in individualized instruction (Directed Reading, Project or Thesis), please refer to our  Individualized Instruction page. You should begin discussing your proposal with Dr. Subbiah or the faculty early in previous semester. The Project and Thesis require a committee of 3 faculty. It takes time to get these approved and register. Start as early as possible!

Class times:  5:30 - 8:10 p.m. unless noted otherwise.
Classes are three credit hours.


Summer 2018 Tentative Schedule


POT 2 mid May – late June 2018

Monday and Wednesday

MENG 6240 American Lit: Foolish Consistency...the Hobgoblin of Small Minds. 19th Century Transcendentalism; taught by Dr. Mikel Vause Hybrid format

Tuesday and Thursday

MENG 6520 Seminar in Shakespeare; taught by Dr. David Hartwig


POT 3 late June – mid August 2018

Monday and Wednesday

MENG 6760 Poetry Writing; taught by Laura Stott

Tuesday and Thursday

MENG 6610 Science Fiction; taught by Dr. Eric Swedin at WSU Davis in Layton
MENG 6420 English Phonology and Syntax for ESL Teacher; taught by Dr. Susan McKay 10:30 am-1:10 pm
MENG 6450 ESI/Bilingual Assessment: Theories, Methods, and Practices; taught by Dr. Debi Sheridan 2:30pm-5:10pm

Fall 2018 Tentative Schedule


MENG 6710 Rhetorics of Sex and Gender in American Cinema; taught by Dr. Jason Barrett-Fox
MENG 6005 Intercultural Discourse; taught by Dr. Debi Sheridan 4:30-7:10pm


MENG 6010 Intro to Grad Studies Hybrid Format; taught by Dr. Sally Shigley
MENG 6510 Hemingway; taught by Dr. Hal Crimmel at Farmington Station


MENG 6260 World Lit: Literature and Spirituality Hybrid Format; taught by Dr. Mail Subbiah
MENG 6110 Writing for Teachers Hybrid Format; taught by Dr. James Young at WSU Davis in Layton
MENG 6450 ESL/Bilingual Assessment: Theories, Methods, and Practices; taught by Dr. Tim Conrad 4:30-7:10pm


MENG 6730 Creative Writing Forms and Crafts; taught by Ryan Ridge
MENG 6250 Brit Lit: Bedlam and Beyond: Madness in British Literature, 1818-2018; taught by Dr. Karen Moloney at WSU Davis Campus in Layton.  Please note: some of the reading will feature adult themes.

Spring 2019 Tentative Schedule


MENG 6250 Brit Lit: Booker Short List; taught by Dr. Scott Rogers
MENG Writers in Schools; taught by Abraham Smith
6410 Stratedies and Methodology of Teaching ESL; taught by Dr. Debi Sheridan 4:30-7:10pm


MENG 6510 Eminent Writer: TBA; taught by Dr. Michael Wutz
MENG 6810 Composition Theory; taught by Dr. Jason Barrett-Fox


MENG 6610 Studies in Novel; taught by Dr. Julia Planko
MENG 6240 Seminar in American Literature: Great White Whale; taught by Dr. Beck Jo Gesteland


MENG 6010 Intro to Grad Studies Hybrid Format; taught by Dr. Sian Griffiths at WSU Davis in Layton
MENG 6740 Creative Nonfiction Writing; taught by Ryan Ridge in Farmington Station

Fall 2019 Tentative Schedule

MENG 6710 Outlander and Irish Literature; taught by Dr. Karen Moloney. What can select Outlander novels teach us about Irish literature and clan life? And how can a poem like O'Connell's "The Lament for Art O'Leary" help us understand Jamie Fraser? What can both teach us about the two cultures' vexed relationship with England? The readings will feature adult themes.  If you watch Outlander, you understand.

Spring 2020

MENG 6710 Drs. Shigley and Rogers are proposing a course about narratives in science and fiction.  Details to come!

General Information

Each semester, we can schedule 5000-level courses that count toward your electives.  Please contact the administrative assistant for a list of possible classes.

The syllabi above may be modified as the faculty see fit, but this gives you an idea of how classes are structured and what you can anticipate. Make sure you take something new; don't repeat a class you took while earning your bachelor's degree.


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