Literature Option

As a Master of Arts in English student, you must complete the major’s core requirements and 1 of our 4 options to earn your degree.

Along with a Literature Option, we offer:

Core Requirements for 2019-20 Catalog

Core Research Methods

MENG 6010 Introduction to Graduate Studies (3)

One course in the following areas (2 courses)

Core Literature 

MENG 6030* Studies in Literary Theory and Criticism (3)
MENG 6610* Advanced Studies in Genres (2-3)
MENG 6710* Variable Topics (2-3)

Core Seminars

MENG 6510 Seminars in Eminent Writers (2-3)
MENG 6520 Seminar in Shakespeare (3)

* May be repeated for elective credit with different content.

Literature Option

Seminars in Literature

Three (3) courses from at least two of the following repeatable seminars (9 credit hours)
MENG 6240 Seminar in American Literature: Variable Title (3)
MENG 6250 Seminar in British Literature: Variable Title (3)
MENG 6260 Seminar in World Literature: Variable Title (3)

Elective courses may be taken to fulfill the minimum of 33 credit hours required to graduate. All program courses not taken as a required course may be taken as electives. No more than 3 hours of directed readings credit (MENG 6830) may apply toward your Master of Arts in English degree unless approved by the program director.