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Technical Support News

  • Passwords Logo
    Passwords: 16 is the new 8!

    For many years now sites, including WSU resources, have pushed for an 8 digit minimum length as the secure password solution. However with advances in graphics card technology, 8 character passwords can be hacked relatively quickly.  We now require a minimum of 16 character passwords. Click on the link above to learn more.

  • Wifi icon
    Eduroam Wifi Setup Guide

    The Information Security Office is moving us to a new Wifi system. This means that all wireless devices will need to use the new Wifi onboarding/registration tool, as WSU Secure will be disabled in the near future. IT has provided a guide for onboarding your devices, which you can reach by the link above.

  • Cisco Any Connect
    VPN Troubleshooting Tips

    With us now all working from home, we have inevitably run into issues with the VPN. This guide lists some of the most common issues with installing and using the VPN.

  • Zoom
    Using Zoom for Meetings

    If you need to setup a Zoom meeting, instructions on how to create and manage Zoom meetings and accounts can be found here. Information regarding Zoom webinars can be found here.

  • Google hangouts
    Using Microsoft Remote Desktop on Macs

    Learn how to use your Mac to remote desktop into our bookstoreTS Windows machine.

  • Google hangouts
    Using Google Meet for Meetings

    How to set up a meeting via Google Meet using Google Calendars.

  • Bookit
    Using Bookit

    Need to reserve or checkout laptops or other accessories? This guide will help you learn how to use bookit.

  • Cisco Any Connect
    Connecting from Home and the VPN

    Working from home? This guide will show you how to use the VPN to work from home and how to remote into your work computer so you can access files and other programs.

  • DUO Logo
    Mandatory Duo Signup

    All Financial Services employees are required to use Duo, multi-factor authentication.

  • Shadow Copies Logo
    Restore Files With Shadow Copies

    Have you ever accidently deleted an important file and then needed it? Or realized that you forgot to make a copy of your spreadsheet before making changes? Well, thanks to our new system "Shadow Copies" you can now restore your files and pretend your mistakes never happened. Learn how here!

  • Service Now Coming Soon Logo
    New Ticketing System for Tech Support

    To help us stay organized and keep better track of computer issues, we recently began using Service Now to track help requests.  If you have any technical issues, please use Service Now to submit a ticket and we will help you shortly.

  • Zoom logo
    Adding Zoom to Google Calendar

    You can now add Zoom links to Google Calendar events. You can follow these directions to download the Zoom add-on in your Google Calendar.

  • Sync Center Conflicts Logo
    Resolving Sync Center Conflicts

    Folder redirection (If you want to learn more about Folder Redirection click here) is awesome, but sometimes it has some issues.  If you notice your Sync Center icon in the task bar has a red "x" or a yellow "!" through it, if you are missing files, or if your files are not at the latest version, try this before calling us.

  • Account Monitor Logo
    Account Monitor Signup

    Account Monitor is a service, that monitors your eWeber account through a personal email. Your eWeber account is what you use to access Weber State University resources (ie. workstation, gmail, portal). Account Monitor sends updates to your personal e-mail if any changes occur to your eWeber account, such as password changes. Visit our Account Monitor signup FAQ page for more information or go to Account Monitor Signup to start the process.

  • IDrive Logo
    Shared Drive Clean Up Information

    The Shared Drive clean up will begin soon. Find out how you can help by making more data space on the Shared Drive. A step by step guide to archiving or keeping files on the I Drive.

  • Google Group Sync Logo
    Google Group Sync Program

    Learn how our new Google Group Sync Program works with your department distribution list. Also, learn how to add your hourly employees to the distribution list.

  • File Share Icon
    File Share Usage Guidelines

    We are about to start scanning the File Shares for non-business files. Click here to see what you can do to keep the File Shares clean.

  • Greenshot Logo
    Taking Screenshots with Greenshot - Banner 9

    With the sunset of Banner 8 and the lack of screenshot options in Banner 9 all PCs have had a new screen capture software installed called "Greenshot."  Use Greenshot to create and print screenshots from Banner 9 and other applications. Find out in this article how to use Greenshot to take a screenshot of your application and print it out.