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corey wamhoff

Computer Science

Why did you choose Weber State University?

I started going to Weber State when I was in high school. It was affordable, had lots of great teachers, and I lived nearby.

Why did you choose Computer Science?

I always wanted to work with computers. I was interested in how they worked and how programs were created. By going to Weber State, I was taught so much that allowed me to make a career out of it.

What advice would you offer other students?

Make sure to take some fun courses in college. You may find that doing one of the activities is something you want to do for the rest of your life. And, the projects you do in class will affect you afterwards. They are great learning experiences and motivate you to do the best you can.

Where are you now?

After graduating from Weber State, I began looking for a position for a year. It took some time, but I went to many different job fairs where Hill AFB was recruiting. I went to the Air Force Museum and had a job interview there. I now work as a computer scientist and lead a team to develop new software. It has been a journey and I can't wait to see what happens next.