Need a Letter?

 For a SACM letter, follow these steps:

To make this process as smooth as possible please follow these guidelines: All requests for SACM letters must come through the international office.

1. Contact Billie Atsitty de Paiva in the International Student Office

a. Give her a copy of the letter request.

         b. Give her any additional information that will be needed to prepare the letter (ie. Changing major? You will need to let us know the new major you           would like to change to and why.)

2. Billie will send an email, to inform us which SACM letter you need. You will be included in this email.

3. I will prepare the letter and email you. 

a. To get more information OR,

b. To send you a link to schedule an appointment OR,

c. I will email the completed letter. If you would like a hard copy, you can drop by my office after you have received the email and I will have one available for you.

This process can take a minimum of one week depending on the information needed and the time of the semester. Please plan accordingly.


For all other letters, follow these steps: