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Ray & Tye Noorda Foundation

The Noorda Engineering, Applied Science & Technology Building proudly bears the surname of Utah philanthropists Raymond John “Ray” & Lewena “Tye” Noorda with deep appreciation to the Ray & Tye Noorda Foundation

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WAVE Design

Dr. Justin Jackson, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
The three waveforms on the building are plots of three responses to a closed-loop control system.  Consider a robotic arm that moves from one position to another.  The first solution is an overdamped system, here the arm will approach the final position very slowly and come to rest at the final position.  The second solution is an underdamped system (in black on the building), in this case the arm will approach the final position at too fast of a speed and overshoot the final position.  It will then oscillate as it gradually approaches the final position.  The third solution is the critically damped system, here the arm will approach the final position as fast as possible without overshooting the final position. 

Between the Currents

Between the Currents is a sculpture inspired by the invisible forces of nature, the hidden math behind them, and how unexpected beauty emerges when diverse sets of information converge. It brings hidden scientific beauty to life. 119 moving origami elements are hung from a floating frame, forming a 7 x 17 flowing surface. Invisible forces of nature pass through the sculpture as waves of information, moving elements in gentle harmony as a vector-like flow field.

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Celesti Carson, Principal VCBO Architect
Architecture relies on engineered systems that are typically hidden from users view, but in the Noorda Engineering Building, these building systems are intentionally exposed, allowing students and occupants an honest view of the essential systems that bring the building to life.  Circulating through the corridors of the building all labs and classrooms are open to view, allowing visual access to the exciting academic programs within. The building is organized around a central community forum, a place where students in all fields of engineering and technology can gather, collaborate, vision and foster a passion that ignites their future careers.  

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Video Time Lapse:


Renderings Progress Photos  Technical Education Demolition Photo Gallery Noorda's Last Beam Gallery 1 Noorda's Last Beam Gallery 2


Framework finished on Weber State's Engineering, Applied Sciences and Technology building (Standard-Examiner)


Last Beam Time Lapse
Pouring of the Slab
First Steel