Natalie Gneiting

For the FORM Student Innovation Competition, I designed a chair. My inspiration for the build of the chair came from studying the ladder chair design of Charles Mackintosh.  When it came to the colors, look and feel of the chair, I was inspired by night time city life.

I wanted to give the feel of buildings at different heights throughout the city by including a slanted back and indents to mimic windows. For the slanted back  I used Formica® laminate paint scrape steel. The colors that came from this rustic pattern helped bring my chair to life.

For the seat and indents in the chair I used Formica® laminate winter sky. I felt that this color really tied in with the color of the back. To me it was like adding a street of pavement below the buildings. For the overall border around the chair I selected Formica® laminate fossil. I chose this because it subtly breaks up the darker colors surrounding the rest of the chair. I also believe it goes well with the overall city look because it gives the feel of a sidewalk stretched across the front of several buildings. The combination of formica colors that I chose for my chair helped me to perfectly encapsulate the beauty of night life in a busy city.