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Electrical Engineering

Why Weber State?

I choose Weber State because it had an ABET accredited Electrical Engineering degree program, was close to home, and it had competitive tuition to that of the U of U and USU.

Why electrical engineering?

When I was in high school, I had taken a class in electronics, and it piqued my interest. I had always wondered how electronics worked and thought it would be cool to work with electronics. After high school I wound up working as a retail manager for 11yrs and really didn’t enjoy it. I decided to quit my job and go to school to earn my Electrical Engineering degree since I had an interest and Electrical Engineers earned decent pay.

What Advice Would You Offer Other Students?

Network! Now is the time to meet people even if it is just as students right now. Later you all become professionals and if you keep some contact there could be job opportunities for you later. Start looking for internships every fall at the beginning of school and be sure to see Kim Ealy. Her professional advice directly helped me get my internship. Lastly, make time to study, especially in the science degree programs it is worth the time you spend. The job at the end is worth sacrificing some weekends.

Where are you now?

I was an Electrical Engineer with Northrop but was offered a position with the Air force in the Palace Acquire Program. In this program I am guaranteed a job in the group that hired me after I complete the program. The program pays for my master’s degree and a salary while I’m in school as well as most of my student loans and even a recruitment incentive! One does have to commit to some years of service but it’s still worth it. The year before I started school to earn my Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, I really enjoyed the group I work with. I am excited to have such an amazing opportunity and higher quality of life as an Electrical Engineer!