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Web & User Experience

Why Weber State?

I liked Weber State’s reputation and was amazed by the campus and location. I always enjoyed being on campus and how tucked away it felt from everything else. Weber seemed like a great fit for me being a non-traditional student who wanted good education with small class sizes.

Why Web and User Experience?

I originally started as a Computer Science major until I had a CS course covering web development. In this course we were introduced to the scripting language JavaScript and then created our own website. This was an instant hook for me. I enjoyed the freedom and creativity that came with building my own website. So, I switched my major to Web and User Experience so that I could focus on those skills. I enjoy writing code but I also love being able to design and implement user interfaces for web applications and mobile devices. The Web and User Experience major provided just that, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys coding and design.

Advice (what you would share with future students):

Don’t be afraid to let your interests change and don’t be afraid to take chances. It doesn’t last forever so might as well get the most out of it. Also, make sure to apply what you learn in relevant situations to help propel your journey forward. I started as a CS major and switched to Web and User Experience, but I kept CS as a minor and then added another minor in Network Management Technology. I say this because these changes opened opportunities for me that I am still currently pursuing. Always weigh the risks but take the opportunities that will increase your chances of learning and being successful. I highly recommend that you participate in events such as career fairs, as they are great ways to network and get your name out there. In the end it really all comes down to putting in the effort, having passion and not doubting yourself.

Where are you now?

I just finished acquiring a Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security through Weber State, fully covered with a scholarship. This led to my application and acceptance for a fellowship through Carnegie Mellon University in Cyber Security. This is an intensive 7-week program where we are paid by CMU to learn up to date skills in security and ethical hacking. Other than school, I work for a company called Guru Technologies as a Software Engineer where I build large-scale software applications. I get to apply my knowledge from Weber State every day, designing and developing software that is used by companies internationally.