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How to View Job Description

in PeopleAdmin App

people-admin-app-in-eWeber portal

Step 1

While in the eWeber portal, select the People Admin App. This app is found by selecting the Human Resources Channel or doing a search for PeopleAdmin.

people-admin-app-in-eWeber portal

Step 2

Upon entering PeopleAdmin, make sure your user type is Supervisor. The user group is displayed in the upper, right hand side of the screen.

three blue dots for menu options

Step 3

Next, click on the three blue dots in the upper, left corner of the screen.

circled positions option in the menu

Step 4

You will then select Positions.

select staff from Position Description dropdown

Step 5

Next, select Position Descriptions and then select Staff

All of the job descriptions you have access to will appear in the list of job descriptions. To view, you can click on the title or hover over Actions (to the right of the job description) and select view.