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Salary Grades

WSU salary grades are currently divided into two groups, Exempt (E) and Non-Exempt (N). These Weber State University classifications were created in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Exempt staff members are salaried employees with a non-faculty status and whose primary responsibility is administrative or professional in nature. Positions designated as exempt qualify for exemption from the overtime provisions of FLSA because they meet the criteria as outlined by the Department of Labor. These positions occur within both the operational and academic functions of the university.

Non-Exempt staff members are salaried employees whose position descriptions do not qualify for exemption from the overtime provision outlined in the FLSA. Non-exempt positions often include employees in paraprofessional, clerical, skilled craft, maintenance or service training roles.

All employee definitions can be found in Section 3-7 under Personnel in the Policy & Procedure Manual.

Salary Grades 2023-2024

Salary grades are updated annually on this web page in mid July.


Exempt Pay Scale (PDF)


Non-Exempt Pay Scale (PDF)