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Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was created to establish a minimum wage, overtime pay (for those who qualify), recordkeeping and youth employment standards. This act applies to employees in the private sector, and those working for the Federal, State and local governments.

Weber State refers to employees who are eligible for overtime pay as nonexempt employees. Nonexempt employees include some full-time staff and all student and non-student hourly workers. Only positions that meet certain criteria outlined in the FLSA are exempt from the FLSA’s overtime requirements. WSU’s HR Compensation review committee is responsible for determining the appropriate FLSA classification for all WSU positions.

Supervisors with a nonexempt employee who is traveling as part of their job should contact HR ( for more detailed information.

For a full review of the policy, visit the Section 3-2a under the Personnel section of the Weber State Policy & Procedure Manual.