Post Reflection - Employment Readiness Toolkit


Students learn about the NACE competencies and how to develop and articulate these important skills.

Steps for Post-Reflection

1. Program Administrators meet 1-on-1 or in small group meetings with students to discuss the Employment Readiness Toolkit. Here are some sample questions you can choose to discuss.

a. What core competency surprised you the most? Why?

b. What core competency do you feel the most confident about? Why?

c. What core competency do you feel the least confident about? Why?

d. How can I help you feel more confident in this core competency? (Create an action plan)

e. Review the sections of core competencies the student didn’t mention that are relevant to their position

2. Program Administrators help students create an action plan on the core competency the student feels less confident about. Follow up on the action plan in about every four weeks. (This could become a longer time frame depending on how often the student works. You want to make sure they have enough time to actually work on the action plan before you follow up.)


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