Information for Implementation - SkillSurvey


Students and Administrators identify what NACE competencies the student has strengths in and which competencies they can improve upon.

Steps for Activity Implementation

1. Students and Administrators watch the videos and review the provided resources. This can be done individually or in small groups.

2. The Administrator determines when they want to have the SkillSurvey finalized career readiness reports and notify of the date. Please give at least a three-week notice.

3. Once the Administrator has heard that their date works for their finalized career readiness reports please inform your students about SkillSurvey and that we need a consent form for FERPA.

a. Here is a template for the email you can send your students.

i. We are working with Career Services to provide an evaluation of your career ready skills. Before we can send this survey to you, we need you to complete this consent form for FERPA compliance. In the form, you will see exactly what information is being released, and why and how we are releasing it. Please have the consent form [DATE].

4. The Administrators then email to let us know you have shared the FERPA Consent Form link. a. We must gain FERPA consent from students for them to participate. (We give students about three days to complete the FERPA consent.)

5. The student and Administration will fill out the evaluation on the student through SkillSurvey. This takes about 10 minutes per student. (We give about five days for the evaluation to be completed.)

6. Within two business days of the deadline for the students and Administrators to have the evaluation complete, the student employment will email the students and Administrators the finalized career readiness reports.

7. Administrators then meet individually with each student to discuss their results.

a. Review how Administrators scored the student, then compared to how the students scored themself.

b. Review how the student ranks to other students nationally

c. Pick one or two behaviors for the student to work on.

8. Administrators should follow up about every four weeks with the students on the behaviors they are working on.

9. If a student works multiple semesters then SkillSurvey should be completed each semester to show their improvement.

10. When completed, students check off the item on their personal CDEV Map. When all of the components on the CDEV Map are complete, students submit their artifact through the Impact in GivePulse for their Administrator to verify. The artifact for this activity is the student’s finalized career readiness report.

Steps for Activity Implementation for Individuals

Students and Administrators may complete the SkillSurvey activity on their own, but it does not count toward the Wildcat Advantage HIEE “CDEV for Individuals”.


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