Information for Implementation - Interview Practice


Students learn how to prepare for and confidently answer interview questions.

Steps for Activity Implementation for Programs and Courses

*Note: If your course is conducting mock interviews in a different format, please contact to discuss how this may meet the CDEV requirements.

1. Students and Administrators watch the videos and review the provided resources. This can be done individually or in small groups.

2. Students prepare a 1-2 minute response to each one of the following behavior-based questions, using the “PAR” approach.

a. Give a specific example of a time when you were successful in solving a problem.

b. How have you demonstrated creativity in your work or school projects?

c. Describe a time when you took the initiative to do something that needed to be done without being asked.

d. How do you develop good communication between members of a team?

e. Tell me about the time you demonstrated your best leadership abilities.

f. Tell about a team project that you worked on.

g. Tell me about a failure.

h. Tell us about a time you had a difficult customer and how you handled it.

i. Describe a major challenge that you had to overcome.

3. Students go to

4. Students click login enter their WSU email and password

5. The Practice Interview titled “Welcome to StandOut - Start HERE!” will give students the opportunity to become comfortable with the system.

a. Click on the image to watch the overview video.

b. Then click on “More details” “Begin Practice”.

c. Students should review their responses and retry as many times as they would like to become comfortable with the platform.

6. When they are ready, students select “Practice” from the toolbar. Find “CDEV Interview Activity” and select “More details”. Watch the introduction video then “Begin Practice”.

a. Students will randomly receive three of the nine questions outlined above.

b. Answer each question thoroughly using the PAR approach.

c. Each response should be 1-2 minutes in length. After 2 minutes 30 seconds the video recording will automatically stop.

7. Students use the rubric to self-assess their responses and retry the questions if desired.

8. Students click the “Share” button in the top right corner, then click “Share by Link”. (Do not copy the website URL.) Send the “Share by Link” to the Administrator.

9. Administrators use the rubric to review the student’s interview responses and write down both positive and constructive feedback. Administrators meet individually with students to review the feedback and help the student develop high-quality, confident interview skills. Repeat this process as needed.

10. When completed, students check off the item on their personal CDEV Map. When all of the components on the CDEV Map are complete, students submit a reflection of their interview experience and at least one new technique they learned through an Impact in GivePulse for their Administrator to verify.

Optional Activity

1. Students meet together to practice their interview responses and/or share their recordings, then provide feedback to each other. They use this practice and feedback to improve their recording before sending it to the Administrator for review.

Steps for Activity Implementation for Individuals

This activity is not available for students who are completing “CDEV for Individuals”. However, students can still utilize the interview resources on the website, then drop into The Career Station or make an appointment with their Career Counselor for individual practice.


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