CDEV for Faculty

What is the CDEV Attribute?

CDEV, which stands for Career Development, is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn and apply career development principles throughout their Weber State experience. Whether you are participating as part of a class, a co-curricular program, or building your own individual experience, CDEV will prepare you for next-step success in all career industries!

Students will participate in 4 activities, (outlined below, under CDEV criteria) have their work assessed by their instructor, and track their progress.

Why Should I Apply for the CDEV Attribute?

One of the goals of the Weber State strategic plan is to develop personal connections and enhance academic excellence. One strategy WSU is using to accomplish this goal is through Career Readiness.

Weber State will provide high-impact educational experiences that enhance career readiness by helping students develop transferable skills, build strong personal connections and gain valuable work experience.


CDEV is a direct response to WSU’s strategic plan. Courses with this attribute will be able to provide activities to students that will help them “enhance career readiness”.

CDEV Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will understand the fundamental elements of a high-quality resume, and are able to apply these principles to their personal resume.
  2. Students are able to identify, apply, and articulate the key skills needed in their field, such as NACE’s career-readiness competencies, transferable skills, and technical skills.
  3. Students will enhance their career preparation through targeted research into career fields, and development of their professional online presence.

What Criteria is Required for the CDEV Attribute?

You should prepare your course and syllabus to include the following activities outlined below:

  1. Resume
  2. Career ePortfolio
  3. Skill Articulation (Choose ONE of the following activities
    1. Career Ready Guide
    2. SkillSurvey
    3. Interview Practice
  4. Professional Development (Choose ONE of the following activities)
    1. Major & Career Navigation
    2. LinkedIn Profile
    3. Handshake Profile
    4. My 3 Webers

Information for implementing each activity, video overviews, additional resources, and helpful assessment tools are all available on the CDEV website.


How do I Apply for the CDEV Attribute?

  1. Review the Criteria listed above, make any modifications to your course content if needed, and prepare your syllabus.
  2. Complete the CDEV Attribute Request Form
  3. Create and launch the “1.7 Course Attribute Request” in Curriculog (you will need to attach a copy of your updated syllabus and fill out the linked CDEV Attribute Request Form).

Once you have completed these steps, the CDEV Attribute Committee will review your application. Upon approval, the course instructor, department chair, department admin, and dean will be notified. Note: The department chair and dean do not need to approve the CDEV Attribute application.

When do I need to Apply?

For classes taught in:

  • Spring Semester: Due October 1
  • Summer and Fall Semesters: Due March 1

Some Things to Keep in Mind

  • Any course that meets the CDEV criteria may apply
  • You can apply the CDEV attribute to your course (instructor-specific) or all sections of a course
  • After 3 years your attribute will expire, at which point the faculty member will be prompted to re-apply