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Learning Assistants

What are Learning Assistants?

A Learning Assistant (LA) is a peer who understands what you're going through and helps you manage the academic and non-academic challenges of college while working closely with your professors to ensure you understand the content covered in class.

LAs are part of first-year programs, Wildcat Scholars and First-Year Learning Communities, and other select courses.


Help With Course Content

Learning Assistants can help you understand course content during class sessions and, depending on the class, offer small-group or 1-on-1 assistance outside of class.


Learning Assistants can help you find the resources to manage non-academic challenges like figuring out financial aid, finding a job on or off campus, arranging childcare, and making connections with others.

Study Strategies

Learning Assistants can help you with note-taking, time, management and other skills to help you succeed in your Wildcat Scholars, First-Year Learning Community classes, or any other class!

Meet our Learning Assistants


Subject: MATH 1035


Subject: MATH 1035

Become a Learning Assistant

Professors typically refer students who qualify as Learning Assistants. Recommended students have first priority for applying to this position. Interested students may email the program coordinator at

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Mackenzie Glover

Learning Assistant & Supplemental Instruction Coordinator

Sarah Taylor

Learning Specialist