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Ogden Tutoring Center

Reach your educational goals by using Weber State’s Tutoring Center for free! 

The Ogden Tutoring Center is located in the Tracy Hall Learning Center (TY 101). We provide various tutoring options: in-person, online, drop-in and by appointment. Tutoring is free for all students, including Concurrent Enrollment.

Appointments are great for students who want to meet with a tutor every week at the same time. Drop-in works for students who need to ask a few questions but don’t need a recurring appointment. When you register for tutoring, you can see when each tutor has appointments and drop-in availability.

Subjects Tutored



Criminal Justice

Computer Science


Health Science





Tutoring Appointments

Our tutors can work with you online or in person on any subject. You can drop in for tutoring (see drop-in schedule below), or you can schedule an appointment. To schedule an appointment, scroll down to where it says "schedule an appointment," find your subject, and click the scheduling link.

You can also schedule an appointment using your Starfish Dashboard in eWeber. Open the Starfish app and look at your course schedule. All tutoring options will show up on the right side of the screen. Schedule a tutoring appointment from that screen, or call the Ogden Tutoring Center (801-626-7484) for the schedule of tutored subjects.

Register for recurring tutoring early in the semester. For more information, visit Tracy Hall Learning Center between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Register for Tutoring on Starfish How to Register for Tutoring (PDF)

Drop-in Tutoring Hours

The Ogden Tutoring Center offers drop-in tutoring for History, Health Science, Nutrition, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering and Computer Science.

Get Tutored Online

Each tutor has a unique Zoom link, which you receive once you make an appointment or view the tutor's drop-in hours in Starfish.

Virtual drop-in tutoring for math is available using the Weber State Tutoring Center Discord server. You can access Discord servers listed in our Drop-in Tutoring Hours for virtual tutoring on specific subjects.

Schedule an Appointment With a Tutor

You must be registered in a class relevant to the tutor’s subject to view their schedule and create an appointment in Starfish.


  • Breanne
  • Shirley

Chemistry (Fall 2024) or Zoology


Criminal Justice (Fall 2024)



Health Science

  • Ally (can also tutor ANTH 1020)
  • Jae

Computer Science


Ogden Tutoring Center
1415 Edvalson Street
Tracy Hall, Room 101
Ogden, UT 84408