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Want to be a Tutor?

As part of the Learning Support department, tutor your fellow Wildcats in the subjects you enjoy. Tutoring is done on an individual appointment and/or drop-in basis. The tutor determines availability for appointments and/or drop-in hours. We require and provide training in tutoring techniques.

Tutors must have earned a "B+" or better grade in the course(s) they wish to tutor (or equivalent ACT score) and be willing to work at least 10 hours per week. We would love to hear from you if you are passionate about what you could offer and accomplish here at Weber State!


Experience working in a teaching setting

Financial compensation

Flexible work environment with tutor schedules designed around class schedules

Increased expertise in academic subject areas

Increased interpersonal and communication skills

Personal satisfaction of helping other people

Receive up to two micro credentials for completing Tutor Training

Training and certification through CRLA, an internationally recognized academic support program

Training offered as a course that adds elective credit to your transcript

Tutoring is a HIEE

Tutor Testimonials

I love helping people, and when you teach a subject, it helps you become an expert in that subject.

Shirley Hartman, Chemistry Tutor

Tutoring offers me the chance to experience diverse assignments, enhancing my problem-solving skills and academic breadth. It’s a stimulating learning journey. Additionally, helping students overcome academic hurdles and witnessing their progress is deeply rewarding.

Kevin Bell, Computer Science Tutor

As a nursing student, I benefit from being a tutor because I get to refresh my knowledge regarding things that I need to know and will be using in my future career.

Macy Harris, Health Science Tutor

I like talking about ideas and sharing opinions with new people. I also enjoy being able to help and share my experiences.

Owen Service, Criminal Justice Tutor

I really enjoy gaining insight into the unique perspectives of students and becoming an integral part of their learning journey. I love being a part of making a difference in one's life through tutoring.

Dipesh Rawal, Physics & Engineering Tutor

Tutoring helps me build my confidence, my competencies in communication, and my understanding of my field of study. It also gives me a sense of purpose.

Sebastian Sato, CS Tutor

Tutor Training

Weber State University tutors are trained and certified through the College Reading and Learning Association, an internationally recognized organization that certifies institutions worldwide to provide academic support. Training is a required component of working as a WSU tutor. Tutors are trained in various areas, such as critical thinking skills, communication skills, metacognition, test-taking strategies, and memory and retention strategies. Tutors are compensated for their time spent training and receive raises as they increase their level of certification.

Open Tutor Positions