The Honors Program at Weber State University

Weber State University’s Honors Program offers you small, challenging and creative courses, as well as opportunities for leadership and social interaction. An “Honors” designation on your transcript and diploma makes you more attractive to employers, graduate schools and professional programs.

One Program, Many Paths

I am a first generation college student here at Weber State University. I went outside my comfort zone by joining the Honors Program. Throughout high school I was discouraged by many to join an honors class, even though I had a great GPA. Many said that it would be hard or too challenging. I was nervous about joining the program because I felt that I would not fit in, but I do not think that I would be attending college with honors credits without the help and motivation of the Honors Program and faculty. I am currently a sophomore in the criminal justice program at Weber State University. I have been involved with the Honors Program as an Honors Student Pathfinder recipient since my first semester. My experiences with the Honors Program have been nothing but positive and rewarding. I have learned that I can challenge myself and acquire so much knowledge in these courses. Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot be successful in an Honors class.  If you are ready for the challenge, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. - Marissa Smith

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