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Cultural Club Highlight

  • Native American Student Association

    We are a student-run club that organizes activities and events that honor the beauty of Native American cultures. NASA aims to provide quality opportunities through academic and extracurricular experiences that encourage Native student engagement within the university and community. NASA honors student heritage and collective voices by sharing cultural heritage through various programming that aligns with Native American culture, values, and beliefs.

    For more information, contact Tashina Barber at


Wildcat Welcome

Wildcat Advantage embeds high impact educational experiences (HIEEs) into the Weber State student’s college career.

Find HIEEs That Are Meaningful & Exciting For You!


work on campus

student mentoring another student

"I've gained meaningful relationships with students and professors."
- Brodie Taylor

student looking at screen

"My boss wants me to succeed academically too!"
- Sydney Harris

student spotting another student lifting

"I have gained conversation skills that will benefit me in future careers."
- Ethan Harris

student restocking books

"It's helped me understand the processes that go on behind the scenes to benefit student experiences."
- Morgan Sanford

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»Your WSUSA Reps Encourage You To Get Involved « 

Ashley Potokar

Student Body President

"I want students to know that they have a place here at Weber. I want students to be aware of what is happening on campus, how they can get involved, and that they have a voice.

Garrett Potokar

Executive Vice President

"Being involved with Student Activism on campus has been the most rewarding thing I've done. Translating student voices into legislation, and then into actual action is such an amazing process!"

Emily Sorenson

Vice President of Leadership

Being involved is the difference between going to class and having a memorable college experience.

Naomi Elmer

Vice President of Community Engagement

"Getting involved benefits you not only socially, but in your education, grades, and life, as you create experiences outside of the classroom."

Colette Mortensen

Vice President of Activities

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