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Davis Tutoring & Writing Center

At the Davis Tutoring Center, we promote student academic success and life skills development through free tutoring, small group study and workshops. We also provide a great place to study and receive learning support for all student populations.

Subjects Tutored

Computer Science

English, writing projects




Tutoring Appointments

Our tutors can work with you in person on any subject. To schedule an appointment, use Starfish or call the Davis Learning Center for the schedule of tutored subjects. Register for recurring tutoring early in the semester. For more information, visit the Davis Tutoring Center in Building D2 214 on the Davis Campus between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Tutoring for ANTH, CHEM, ENGR, HIST, HTHS, JPNS, PHYS, SOC, PSY 1010, and ZOOL 1110 is offered on the Ogden campus or virtually.

Tutoring for ACTG, ECON, QUAN, and MIS is offered in the Business Tutoring Lab or virtually.

Register for Tutoring on Starfish How to Register for Tutoring (PDF)

Drop-in Tutoring Hours

The Davis Tutoring Center offers drop-in tutoring for Computer Science, Math, English, and Writing.

Get Tutored Online

Virtual tutoring appointments for English and writing are available using Starfish. Each tutor has a unique Zoom link, which you receive once you make an appointment or view the tutor's drop-in hours in Starfish.

Tutors at the Math Tutoring Center offer math online tutoring, and tutors at the Ogden Tutoring Center offer physics online tutoring.

Virtual drop-in tutoring for math is available using the Weber State Tutoring Center Discord server. You can also access Discord servers for virtual tutoring on specific subjects:

Make an Appointment With a Tutor

You must be registered in a class relevant to the tutor’s subject to view their schedule and create an appointment in Starfish.

Computer Science and CS Flex

  • Alix - Alix can also speak Mandarin
  • Kevin - Kevin can also speak Spanish
  • Sophia

English & Writing

  • Elizabeth
  • Livia

Please bring a printed copy of your paper, or have it available in Google Docs.


In-person drop-in only. For online options, visit the Math Tutoring Center website.

  • Alix - Alix can also speak Mandarin
  • Kevin - Kevin can also speak Spanish
  • Shang

Davis Learning Center
2750 University Park Blvd.
Building D2 214
Layton, UT 84041