Online Events

Plan to host a virtual event? You have a few options for how to do this.

Real-Time Event




  • Request a WSU Account for more advanced features
  • You can have users pre-register or just show up the day of
  • You can turn on/off your attendees' ability to comment, be seen, be heard, etc.
  • Add break out rooms for small group discussions
  • Can share screen
  • Can record event
  • Online Tutorials from Zoom

What We Need From You

  • To advertise this on your website, SA Marketing will need the link to the meeting/registration

Google Meet

  • For internal events
  • Can turn on auto real-time captioning
  • Can share screen
  • Google Meet support

Facebook/Instagram Live

  • Great for repeating events at the same time
  • Can turn to quiet mode to turn off comments and reactions
  • Can turn on auto real-time captioning
  • Can schedule in advance to let followers know it will be happening (on FB Live)
  • How to use Facebook Live
  • How to use Instagram Live

What We Need From You

  • To advertise this on your website, SA Marketing will need the link to the meeting if it is scheduled in advance or the time and your handle to advertise

On-Demand Event




Student Communications can pull videos, copy, info-graphics and whatever else you need to a website to have an online event that students can access on particular dates or whenever. We can even pull videos from your real-time event to a website that you can share with participants and those who may have missed the event.

We can take the whole event live for a time span, but we cannot upload different videos and information every day.

What We Need From You

  • Please let us know at least a month in advance that you plan on doing a website event.
  • We need FINALIZED videos at least 2 weeks before the page needs to launch.
  • We do not edit videos - they must be finalized when you send them.
  • If we are hosting the videos in Kaltura, send videos as .mp4 or .mov files.
  • If you are hosting the video on your YouTube channel, we need the link. 
  • You are in-charge of captioning your videos.
    • If we are hosting your video in Kaltura, there may be some options to help you with captioning.
  • Make sure you have photo/video releases for all those in videos (you save those - do not send to us).
  • All music, photos, graphics or other videos that are used in your video cannot be copyrighted.

Learn More About Creating Videos


Remember to request that Student Communications advertise your event at least ONE month before the event. Please have finalized details about your event when you make your request.