Digital Signs For Student Access & Success

ScreenCloud has auto software updates and centrally managed security that keep your screen up to par with security audits.  It requires no additional hardware other than the TV screen you purchase and offers unlimited storage. Plus Student Communications has access to post digital content to your screen as part of your event or service branding without you having to do it.

Is SA Marketing Already Marketing Your Event?

If we are already helping you market an event, we are most likely already posting a digital ad for you.

Do You Need A Graphic Made For Digital Signs

Contact: Dani McKean

OR you can create your own graphic using a WSU template digital sign

How To Get Your Graphic Posted

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*Please note the file size and format information below before sending your graphic to be posted to a digital sign.

Steps for Purchasing Your Own Screen


Contacts for Screens


Content on Screens: Best Practices


File Size & Format

Standard Landscape Full Screen: 1920px wide and 1080px tall (this size will vary depending on your screen layout)

72DPI JPG File

SAS Layout Options


Videos must have captioning 

One minute (60 seconds) Max

MP4 format


Keep digital signs simple. You have a short time to get your message across.

Have a clear call-to-action. 

WSU content only on SA screens.

WSU - What is a Brand? WSU Digital Sign Templates Downloads