Marketing & Communications: Student Communications

Student Communications serves the division of Student Access & Success and the division of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion. We provide print and digital marketing for events and services. We also provide branding materials for departments such as brochures, websites and tabling materials. Our mission is to communicate with students about the many services, opportunities, events, facilities and involvement opportunities available to them at key times of the semester, as they will likely need them, with the larger goal of increasing persistence.

Reusable Lawn Signs

Tired of wasting money every year on new lawn signs and adding to the landfill? Do you have space to store your lawn signs to reuse them every year? Here are the options we have for you:

New Lawn Sign Rules

Dry Erase

We can make the lawns signs dry erase material and leave a space for you to write the date and time every year.

Cost: an additional $4 per lawn sign

Vinyl Sticker

We can create a sticker with an updated date/time/location that you can stick to your lawn signs to cover the previous year's information.

Cost: $6-8 per sign (depending on size) - plus the cost of the original lawn sign

Clear Slip

We can stick clear plastic envelope slips on each side of your sign and that way you can print the new date/time/location on a regular piece of paper and slip it into the envelope every year.

Cost: $4 per sign - plus the cost of the original lawn sign


Virtual Meeting Cling

Window cling: 5 x 7 and $5 each

Contact to order yours