TALL Research Assistants


Lab manager

Gracie Winder - Spring 2023'

My name is Gracie and I am a Psychology Major, moving into the field of Industrial and Organizational Psych for my Masters Program. My current research projects focus on a variety of topics including: mental health, minority affirmation, ADHD perceptions, stigma, religiosity, intrinsic motivation, and chronic homelessness.


Current research assistants

Brennan Brown - Spring 2025'


Jai Earhart - Spring 2024'

Jai is a Psychology Major and plans to attend graduate school focusing on Experimental Psychology with an emphasis in Social Psychology. Their current research projects focus primarily on mental health, marginalized populations (e.g., nontraditional students, sexual, gender, and racial/ethnic minorities), experiences of microaggressions, and hiring decisions.


Chandler Peterson - Spring 2024'


Aonika Russell - Fall 2023'

My name is Aonika, and I am a Psychology Major minoring in Criminal Justice. I plan to attend graduate school in Clinical Psychology or Forensic Psychology.  My current research projects focus on mental health, ADHD perceptions, stigma, marginalized populations (e.g., nontraditional students, gender, and racial/ethnic minorities), perfectionism, state-trait anxiety, and teaching styles.


Jackson Stringham - Spring 2025'

Jackson is a double major in Psychology & Geography and plans to attend graduate school in Clinical Psych. Even though he does a wide variety of research in the psychology department, he enjoys projects relating to relationships and education the most.


Lab alumni

Allyson Barraza - Spring 2022'

Ally will be attending a Ph.D. program in Developmental Psychology at University of Missouri starting Fall 2023.

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