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Internships & Field Placements

Before registering for an internship course, students must determine how many credits will be taken during the upcoming semester. Students must complete 60 internship hours for each credit hour. Students can check with the internship advisor for their program to be sure they will have enough upper-division hours to graduate (40 minimum).

Instructions and Information

Students in Health Promotion can select an internship from the list of current Health Promotion internship sites. Students in Outdoor & Community Recreation Education can also find a list of OCRE internship sites.

New Internship Sites

Students are welcome to establish a connection with a new site (one at which a WSU student has not interned), but should be aware that this may require more time than an established site. New sites will occasionally require a contract of agreement between the site and Weber State University, and it is not uncommon for this process to take more than a month.

Site Visits

Internship/field placement coordinators will visit field sites, typically half way through the semester. This visit will include a meeting with the student and the site supervisor to discuss the student's internship activities/projects. For students at distant field sites where in-person visits are not possible, internship/field placement coordinators will arrange a call instead.

More Questions?

Check out the Internship FAQ page.