Welcome to the WSU Stress Relief Center. Where Relaxation Happens!


The Stress Relief Center is closed due to the ongoing havoc wreaked by the pesky pathogen known as COVID-19.

We hope to be open in the Fall Semester of 2021.


"The Successful manager of stress is willing to do that which the unsuccessful manager of stress is not willing to do."

Dr. Michael Olpin


Here in the Health Promotion program, we like to think that we have control over our health and well-being. We practice healthful behaviors such as eating clean, sleeping well, exercising regularly, and doing the other things that help us stay well and happy. Doing these things, on a regular basis, tend to help us enjoy healthier and more satisfying lives.

We also feel that stress, and it's unpleasant effects, are completely within our control. Most people don't know what to do. The Stress Relief Center has been designed to give you a large number of effective tools that work to reduce your stress and help you feel a lot better. Take some time to look over this website. After you've learned what we are all about, you can drop in for a visit to try out all of our fun and relaxing ways we have to help you with your stress.

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Sponsored by the Health Promotion program in the Department of Health Physical Education & Recreation at WSU.

For questions about the Stress Relief Center, contact Dr. Michael Olpin in the Dept. of Health Physical Education & Recreation: molpin@weber.edu    801-626-6485.