Lady ADHD Comedy Show

Let's flip the script on neurodiversity and embrace those who think differently. Join us for a special comedy performance by Blaire Postman “Lady ADHD!”

  • Date: April 12, 2024
  • Time: 3:30-4:30 p.m.
  • Location: Shepherd Union Ballroom C, WSU Ogden

The event is free, students just need to show up!

Blaire PostmanBlaire Postman is an unexpected, high-energy, Gen X comedian with no chill. She’s been featured by Slate Magazine, PBS NewsHour, fancy comedy festivals, and nationally renowned podcasts; headlines indie comedy clubs around the country; and features for top headliners at premier comedy venues. 

In the stand-up comedy world, Blaire’s best known for her deep-dive “rabbit hole” bits- such as “The History of Super Bowl Halftime Shows” - as well as for jokes featuring her strongly held opinions about things most people don’t realize they care about…until she points them out.

Blaire’s part-stand-up/part-TED-Talk solo show - “LADY ADHD” - is her ADHD-fueled, hyper-focus “pandemic project.” In 2023, “LADY ADHD” was a finalist in the Yes, And Laughter Lab: a competitive entertainment industry incubation lab, pitch program and showcase that lifts up diverse writers and performers creating new comedy about topics that matter. “LADY ADHD” can be seen at theaters and colleges nationwide, garnering rave reviews everywhere from the 2023 SF Sketchfest to Caveat Theater in New York.

You can follow her antics at @PostmanComedy on instagram, @ADHDComedy on TikTok at her website, and on her podcast “House Hunnies,” which explores human behavior, neurodiversity and mental hang-ups one HGTV “House Hunters” episode at a time.

In the waning days of Covid-19 quarantine, Blaire moved to downtown Baltimore - the last remaining affordable city in the northeast United States, which she considers to be the latest New York City bedroom community.  She lives with her husband, three cats, and an array of web domain names for projects she will never launch.

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