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CS 2899 Associate Degree Assessment

CS 2899 is an assessment tool whereby all AAS or BS seeking students demonstrate core knowledge acquired from course studies in the discipline.

What is the process of taking this exam?




You have up to three opportunities to pass the assessment per semester. You can find out more specific information through Canvas once the semester starts. 



How many questions are on the assessment?

There are 100 multiple choice questions. The average time to take the assessment is 1 1/2 hours.

How many attempts do I have to pass the exam?

You have up to three attempts per semester.

Do I get credit for the course?

It is a 0 credit hours, no cost course.  Your grade will be CR (credit) or NC (no credit)

Where do I take the assessment?

Any Weber State testing center

 When do I take the assessment?

The same semester that you finish your AAS degree coursework. If you are a transfer student or plan to go on for your BS, you still need to take the assessment.

Why do I have to take the assessment?

Assessment is an integral part of instruction, it determines whether or not the goals of education are met. If we find a question the majority of students miss, we revisit the question and increase the curriculum on that topic. Assessment is an important part of continuous improvement.

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