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WSU Tutoring Center

Need help with School of Computing classes? Our tutors can help!




Weber State University is proud to be a part of the Western eTutoring Consortium, a collective of schools that have come together to provide tutoring services to online students. 

Western eTutoring


As a student under the School of Computing you have access to a student account at Pluralsight.  Watch in-depth video tutorials on any number of topics. The creators of these videos like to start at a very rudimentary place to allow you to grow as you watch them.


Pluralsight Access

If you have a subscription, you can indicate that you forgot your password at the PluralSight login screen ( you should try this first. Your account should already be created for you but you do not know what your password is if this is your first time 

If you do not have a subscription (which you can find out from step 1), then you need to contact one of the following staff about getting a subscription. You will have to have declared CS, NET, or WEB as a major.


Stromberg CS Student Lab

The Stromberg CS Student Lab is located on the first floor in the Technical Education Building room 109 near the offices (TE 109)

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