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WSU School of Computing Challenge Exams

What is the process of ta king these exams:






If the student passes the exam:

  • The Department Chair  signs the form and the box under “Credit Awarded” is checked.
  • The form is then stamped and then the department administrative specialist will send the form to Records


  • Students may NOT take the challenge exam if any of the following have occurred:
    • The student has previously taken or attempted the course. (This means that there is a record on the transcript including a ‘W.’)
    • The student is currently enrolled in the course.
  • Students may only get credit for up to four (4) challenge exams.
  • Students may only attempt a challenge exam once.
  • Students can only take challenge exams when the testing center is open.
  • Students must take challenge exams in prerequisite order (for example, you must complete CS 1030 and CS 1400 prior to taking CS 2705 challenge exam).
  • Concurrent Enrollment and Early College students can not be awarded special exam credits.

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