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Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities

Why Study the Arts & Humanities?

You are probably feeling pressure to pick the perfect major. But here’s a little secret: The belief that a major is always a direct line to a career is not true.


of college graduates end up in fields unrelated to their major.


of hiring in the U.S. is major-independent.


of all employers are looking for candidates with a variety of skills and experiences.


Number of times a college graduate will
change positions
in the first 10 years of employment.

You may want to follow your passion to create and innovate as an artist or writer, while focusing on a more conventional career path. In the Lindquist College, you can do both.

We help you prepare for the expected and the unexpected.

We offer degrees in Communication, English, Film Studies, Foreign Languages, Performing Arts and Visual Art & Design. But what we really do is help open doors to a lot of options. Being broadly educated and technically trained is essential for the world of today and tomorrow.

What Are the
Areas of Study?



How Do I Make Education Affordable?


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