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Great Value

Our low tuition, paired with generous financial aid and scholarships AND quality programs, makes Weber State a great return on investment. We continue to receive awards and recognition for our students graduating with little to no debt and going on to do great, great, great things! We are one of the only universities in the state (and nation) to offer 4-year academic scholarships. This takes away the uncertainty and stress of reapplying every year and lets our students focus on learning and igniting their passion. 

Great Teaching

Personal attention from professors who care. Our students are not a nameless face in a giant lecture hall. We often joke that the best thing about Weber State is that the professor knows your name, and the worst thing is that the professors know your name. Our students benefit from hands-on learning from professionals. They also have the opportunity to gain real-world experience through internship and job opportunities before they graduate.

Great Commitment

We serve our students and communities so we can all succeed together. We don’t just have great faculty, our staff—from the president and provosts to advisors and assistants—are dedicated to every student’s success from the first day to graduation. We are proudly rooted in our community, our region, and our state as an educator of the workforce, an idea generator, and an employer. Always looking to support local businesses, we work with companies to develop programs and degrees specific to their needs.

Stackable Credentials

Students start with a certificate or associate’s degree. Travel or move right into a bachelor’s program. Work in your field awhile. Come back for a master’s. Reach your peak with a doctorate. Flexible schedules and stackable credentials keep you moving ever upward without losing credits or time.

Impressive Outcomes

From fortune 500 companies and self-made entrepreneurs to Olympic athletes and Pulitzer Prize winners, our students go on to do great, great, great things. Chances are you have heard of a few of our alumni, and we aren’t just talking about Damian Lillard, although he is a great example. 

Not only is your kid going to be prepared for greatness, they can also graduate with little to no debt. No, we are not kidding, at Weber State University, you can earn a debt-free 
degree. Check out our affordability pages where we break it all down.

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