No ACCUPLACER or ALEKS Testing December 9-14

ALEKS Placement, Preparation, and Learning.

Recommended Steps

  1. Purchase and register for your ALEKS PPL account
  2. Take a diagnostic test 
  3. Use learning modules to improve your math knowledge
  4. Pay the proctored testing fee online
  5. Take a proctored test in a WSU testing center

(How to skip steps 2 and 3 if you are not interested in preparing for the highest placement possible)

Read the rest of the page for further details on ALEKS PPL.

Exams are given

No appointment is necessary, but the test will be given up until one hour before the closing of the testing center on that day. 


Bring to test

  • Valid photo identification (Wildcard ID, government issued photo identification)
  • Test registration confirmation email and proof of payment
  • Calculators are NOT allowed
  • Scratch paper will be provided


Questions related to the developmental mathematics program and placement should be sent to

Questions related to the administration of the exam may be directed to Terry Wright at 801-626-6645

If you experience problems with your  ALEKS account contact the ALEKS helpline 1-714-619-7090

What is ALEKS?

ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) is an online math learning system that uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately provide you with a comprehensive overview of your strengths and weaknesses. The program is very user friendly. Once you create an ALEKS PPL account, instructions about the assessment will appear. The assessment consists of 20-35 questions. Allow 1-2 hours to complete the assessment in order to do your best.

How do the Assessments and Learning Modules work?

Your access to ALEKS PPL comes with 5 assessments and learning modules that are customized to your learning needs.  You must work a minimum of 3 hours in the Learning Modules and wait a minimum of 24 hours between assessment attempts.

  • We recommend you take your first assessment in the comfort of your own space – home, school, office, or any place with internet access. Don’t use extra helps and don’t try to study to prepare for the first assessment. This assessment will diagnose your math knowledge.
  • After the first assessment, you can access the Learning Modules through the ALEKS Pie – a representation of your math knowledge that is generated based on your assessment. Learn and study as much as you can before you take the next assessment.
  • Second Assessment – You can take this assessment as a practice test to see if you can get the score you want for the placement you want. OR you can go into a testing center and have this assessment proctored for an official placement score.
  • After every assessment – whether proctored or not – ALEKS will generate a new Pie of your math knowledge. You will work in the modules at least 3 hours between each attempt.
  • You can stop at any point after you get the proctored score you need.
  • Assessment attempt 5 must be proctored.
  • Using Learning Modules

Who should take the ALEKS PPL Assessment?

Any student who does not have a math placement or wants to challenge his or her placement should take the ALEKS PPL assessment.

What is the format of ALEKS PPL?

ALEKS PPL consists of 2 pieces: assessments and learning modules.

  • The ALEKS PPL assessment offers 30 problems. You will type your answers with the help of the symbol pallet in the software. Before you take an assessment you will go through a brief tutorial to learn how to enter answers. The test is adaptive, meaning each question you get depends on how you performed on previous questions in order to identify your level of math knowledge. 
  • The Learning Modules are available to help you improve your placement. After you take the first test, ALEKS PPL creates a summary of your knowledge. It’s called the Pie. 

How do I take an official proctored assessment?

Do not start the assessment until you are seated in the Testing Center. Pay the $5 proctoring fee online. Go to a placement Testing Center (Shepherd Union and WSU Davis), request the ALEKS PPL. The proctors will set up your test for proctoring. 

Can I just take an official (proctored) assessment without using the Learning Modules?

Yes. After you purchase ALEKS PPL and pay the $5 proctoring fee online, go to a placement Testing Center (Shepherd Union and WSU Davis), request the ALEKS PPL. The proctors will set up your test for proctoring. Do not start the assessment until you are seated in the Testing Center.

How many times can I take ALEKS PPL?

Purchase of the ALEKS PPL software provides 5 test attempts. For each attempt, you can choose to have it proctored or use it as a diagnostic/practice test. Access to your software expires 6 months after your first test. 

Can I take the exam remotely?

If you live more than 50 miles from the Ogden or Davis campus you may request the proctoring of an ALEKS PPL assessment at your location. Pay the $5 proctor fee for Long Distance Testing. You will receive an email once the test is sent. If you have questions contact Terry at 801-626-6645 or

May I use a calculator while using ALEKS PPL?

ALEKS will provide an on-screen calculator for problems that require calculator use. Otherwise, you may not use a calculator when taking a proctored assessment.

What if I do not place into the course I wanted?

The ALEKS PPL Learning Modules provide you with additional review and instruction so you can improve your knowledge prior to re-testing. You are required to work in the modules for a minimum of 3 hours to review and learn before you take another ALEKS PPL assessment to improve your placement. You must also wait a minimum of 24 hours between assessments.

How high can I place if I take the ALEKS PPL?

You can test into any course between Math 950 Pre-algebra and Math 1210 Calculus.

Can I test out of the Quantitative Literacy requirement using ALEKS?

Yes. A score of 65 on the ALEKS assessment satisfies the QL requirement.

Is there a time limit on the ALEKS PPL?

Yes, there is a 2 1/2 hours time limit for the ALEKS test. Make sure you arrive for your test with enough time to finish your exam before the Testing Center closes on that day.

When does my placement from the ALEKS PPL expire?

The ALEKS PPL score is valid for two years following the date of the exam.

When do I get my results and when are they posted to my record?

Results will be shared with you immediately following the exam. Results will be posted to your student record the following business day. Your highest proctored score will be used to determine your placement.

Resources available to help me prepare for the exam