*ACCUPLACER may only be taken twice within a year. WSU Testing Centers are required to verify the number of ACCUPLACER exams taken. 

Please note:

WSU is phasing out the use of Accuplacer test for math placement as of December 31, 2018. Students interested in taking a math placement test or in improving their placement after Dec. 31, 2018, can use ALEKS PPL, which is now fully available. Although Accuplacer math tests will no longer be given starting January 1, 2019, WSU Accuplacer math scores will be honored for two years from when they are taken. As is university policy, Accuplacer math scores taken elsewhere will not be honored at WSU. Finally, WSU will continue to give Accuplacer English and Reading tests to interested students.

English Accuplacer testing is being suspended as of January 14, 2019 until further notice.  We will be transitioning to the Next Generation of Accuplacer for English placement.  This may take some time, we hope to be up and running by mid-February.  Please contact the testing center if you have any questions.


Starting August 25, 2014: 

  • ACCUPLACER math tests taken after August 24, 2014 will not be used for developmental math placement. ACCUPLACER math tests taken before August 25, 2014 will still be valid for two years from date of testing. 
  • Placement in college level math courses will continue to use Accuplacer.
  • If you want to challenge your developmental math placement you can take the ALEKS PPL
  • English ACCUPLACER is still valid for English placement.

Assessment and Placement Standards

Weber State University Testing Department has the right to audit and investigate the validity of scores.

Exams are given

The last ACCUPLACER is given two hours before the listed closing time.


  • Math: $10
  • Reading Comprehension: $5
  • Sentence Skills: $5
  • Score Reprints: $10

Bring to test

  • Picture ID
  • W number
  • Calculators are NOT allowed
  • Scratch paper will be provided


Questions related to ACCUPLACER should be sent to Terry Wright: 801-626-6645 |


ACCUPLACER is a placement test that consists of Math, Reading Comprehension, and Sentence Skills.

See description of ACCUPLACER Tests

When may I take ACCUPLACER?

The test is given up until 2 hours before the closing at that particular testing center. Please check the hours on this website. No appointment is necessary.

How do I get my test results?

Test results will be received immediately, although scores will not go on student records until the next business day.

Can I transfer my scores from another Institution?

WSU has a unique placement system, using ACCUPLACER, which is not compatible with other institutions.

Scores from other institutions are not accepted. 

What do I do if I need to take ACCUPLACER from outside of the Ogden-Layton region?

Students who live more than 50 miles from WSU's Ogden or Davis campuses may request to take ACCUPLACER at another institution.

Please follow the instructions by filling out the Distance ACCUPLACER Request Form

ACCUPLACER Study Resources