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ALEKS Math Placement, Preparation & Learning

Start. Learn. Place. Enroll.

ALEKS is here to help you succeed in math.

This user-friendly online math learning system: 

  • Gives you a complete overview of your math strengths and weaknesses
  • Provides learning modules to help improve your skills
  • Can improve your math placement and increase your course options

If you do not have a math placement, or if you want to challenge your placement, you should take the ALEKS PPL assessment. Most students skip at least one math class using ALEKS.



ALEKS Assessments & Learning Modules

Your access to ALEKS comes with 5 assessments and learning modules that are customized to your learning needs. You must work a minimum of 3 hours in the learning modules and wait a minimum of 24 hours between assessment attempts.

First Assessment

Take your first assessment in the comfort of your own space: home, school, office or any place with internet access. Don’t use extra help, and don’t try to study to prepare. This assessment will diagnose your math knowledge.

After the first assessment, you can access the learning modules through the ALEKS Pie: a representation of your math knowledge that is generated based on your assessment. Learn and study as much as you can before you take the next assessment.

Second Assessment

You can take this assessment as a practice test to see if you can get the score you want for the placement you want, OR you can go into a testing center and have this assessment proctored for an official placement score.

Further Assessments

After every assessment, whether proctored or not, ALEKS will generate a new Pie of your math knowledge. You will work in the modules at least 3 hours between each attempt.

You can stop at any point after you get the proctored score you need.

Assessment attempt 5 must be proctored (officially monitored in the Testing Center).



Get Started: Recommended Steps


  1. Purchase and register for your ALEKS PPL account.
  2. Take a diagnostic test.
  3. Use learning modules to improve your math knowledge.
  4. Pay the proctored testing fee online ($5 per proctored test).
  5. Take a proctored math placement test in a WSU testing center.

Distance testing: If you live more than 50 miles from the Ogden or Davis campuses, you may request the proctoring of an ALEKS PPL assessment at your location. Pay the $5 proctor fee for Long Distance Testing, and you will receive an email once the test is sent.


Tips for Taking ALEKS  

Answer every question to the best of your ability. ALEKS has the ability to give you partial credit, in a sense, by analyzing your answer for evidence of partial knowledge of how to solve a problem. Each question has an “I don’t know” button, but ALEKS can better assess your knowledge if you attempt a problem and answer incorrectly. If you truly have no idea how to begin working a test question, choose “I don’t know.”

Don’t skip questions. You cannot go back to a question once you click the submit button.

Use paper and pencil. Even though the test is on the computer, you should write out each problem and solve it on paper. Then enter your answer into the computer. You are less likely to make errors, and will get a better score.

Take your time. Don’t rush. Many people think the sign of a good math person is an ability to do math fast. This is not true. Take your time to carefully think through each step of each problem and double check your work. An extra 15 minutes in the test could mean one less semester of math.


Know Your Requirements

Math Placement Details & Quantitative Literacy Requirements