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Online Computer Science Degrees/Courses:

The computer science (CS) program is one of several at Weber State University to offer the majority of their degree through online courses. 

Information from frequently asked questions regarding online CS degrees and courses include:

Admissions and Registration

  • Weber State is an open enrollment University and there is no additional application process to become a CS major. Apply for Admissions
  • CS online courses typically fill up quickly. Be admitted and ready to register on the first day available to you. 

Online Degrees

  • AAS Degree: You can get all lower division CS courses online and the majority of the general education and support courses. However, you will not be able to complete PHYS 2210 or MATHs online through Weber State. 
  • Some students take courses not offered online through another community college or university close to their location. Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) and BYU Independent Study are common options.
  • BS Degree: In addition to MATH and PHYS support courses, you cannot currently get CS 3100, CS 3750, CS 4110, or CS Capstone online. The rest of the CS, general education, and support courses are offered online

CS Flex

  • Academic Coach and teacher support
  • Progress at your own pace
  • Flexible start time
  • 100% online
  • Mix and match CS Flex and standard CS courses to get the classes you need in a way that fits your life 

Online Courses

  • Computer Science (CS) online courses typically run full semesters, similar to a face-to-face course. CS online courses start and stop on specific dates and assignments have specific due dates.  You will follow the syllabus and schedule provided by your instructor through Canvas. 
  • CS online courses are not offered as independent study or self-paced courses. 
  • CS online courses may require interactive discussion boards and group projects.
  • While not every course is offered through an online format every semester, students may complete their program of study by carefully planning out their schedule.
  • If you have questions specific to your personal record, please contact a Computer Science advisor via email or through an appointment.  
  • WSU Online is a great resource for frequently asked questions about online courses in general.