Long Distance Testing

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Take Another University's Exam  Take a WSU Exam at a Distant Location  Distance ACCUPLACER and ALEKS Math PPL 

Take Another University's Exam

Take a WSU Exam at a Distant Location

  • Work with your professor for using online testing services.
  • All Proctorio exams must be arranged in coordination with your instructor.


Students may be approved to test remotely if they live 50 or more miles away from the nearest WSU Testing Center. 

  • ACCUPLACER may only be taken twice within a year. WSU Testing Centers are required to verify the number of ACCUPLACER exams taken. 
  • We no longer use the ACCUPLACER test for math placement. Please see the ALEKS Math PPL test for math placement.
  • Weber State University Testing Department has the right to audit and investigate the validity of scores. 

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